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#20: The Dark Knight - Hot Toys DX 11 The Joker 2.0

I did it, I finally took the plunge. Here is my first ever Hot Toys figure, Heath Ledger as the Joker from The Dark Knight. Hot Toys figures have always been a draw because they have such lifelike headsculpts, as well as highly accurate outfits and accessories. Unfortunately they are also really expensive. Ultimately, I decided that since the latest version of the Joker would be released around tax time, that maybe it would be a cool way to use my refund.

After opening the large mailing box, digging through all the packing foam peanuts, and opening the figure's original mailing box, you get to the Joker's packaging, a big purple box. The front features a large image of an imp from a joker card, while the back features all the fine print.

Opening the flap reveals even more purple. The Joker's most quoted line from the film is naturally featured, as is laughter all over the place. There is a removable panel which features a replica of the card pinned to the Batman wannabe that Joker killed in an attempt to get Batman to unmask. There's even a safety pin attached!

Underneath the removable panel, we finally get to the Joker himself. His face is covered to protect it during shipment/storage, but it presents a good look at the outfit and the alternate laughing head. There is a piece of card overlaying it with various bits of information such as sculpt credit and a warning to read the instructions first.

How about a hand, Batman?

Underneath the card, all the alternate hands are stored. All told, there are seven left hands and seven right hands, in various poses. For different display options there are gloved and ungloved hands.

Beneath the foam tray holding the Joker, you get a look at the rest of the accessories. This includes the interrogation room table, chair, and lamp, as well as various weapons, the display stand, and the instructions. Beneath this plastic tray is the foldout background depicting the GCPD interrogation room.

Here are some of the Joker's accessories. I am pretty impressed by how well made and detailed they are. Hot Toys doesn't have such a great reputation without reason. There's a whole stack of tiny joker cards, perfect for leaving at the scene of the crime. There's also a stack of dollar bills that have George Washington's face Joker-ized. Also included is a pair of functional handcuffs. I don't mean that they lock, but they open and are adjustable in size. There is a small array of sharp objects including a serrated blade that reminds me of a potato peeler but probably isn't. One of the knives has a retractable blade, while the butterfly knife really folds up. I wasn't expecting any moveable parts on the blades, so it was a cool surprise. There are two hidden shoe blades, which can be attached to the end of Joker's shoes for stabby kicking action. And of course, there is a pencil for performing magic tricks. The table even includes a small hole where the pencil can be stuck.

Sometimes killing someone requires not being close enough to stab them, so Joker also includes some guns. There's a pistol, a submachine gun, and a shotgun. These are of course very well detailed and even have moveable parts. The clips can be removed, and the top part of the pistol can be moved back like on a real one. The pump action on the shotgun moves as well.

Shoe blade in action. I was a little worried about pushing it in place at first, but it went in well after I tried a couple times. There are two blades included, so the Joker can double the sharp kicks. Also, those socks are pretty cool.

Here's the stand. It lights up with three AAA batteries (not included). It's a nice looking rusty metal platform featuring the Nolan style Bat logo, surrounded by a purple base with a nameplate in front. It's not super exciting, but it feels right for the Joker.

 Here's a close up of the alternate laughing head. It's a great sculpt combined with detailed paint to create a very lifelike illusion.

Of course, the standard head has the really cool PERS (parallel eye rotating system) gimmick. The back of the head is held on by a magnet, and once you remove that, there is a small knob that can be manipulated to rotate the eyes into different positions. They eyes are very realistic looking, and it really helps give character to the face.

Want to see a magic trick?
 I neglected to take pictures of the background diorama, but it depicts the GCPD interrogation room where the Joker is held after he lets himself get captured. It makes a great backdrop for photos, and when I clear out enough space will be a really cool display option.

The table and chair are very nicely done. The table in particular has a nice used look to it, with scratches along the table top and the appearance of dirt at the bottom of the legs. The lamp is held on with a magnet and has a power cable that plugs into the underside of the table.

Want me to tell you how I got these scars?
 The clothes on the figure are very detailed, and manage to look like they properly fit, which is always a problem for clothes at smaller scales. The overcoat and jacket are both removable for the more screen accurate interrogation room look, but I haven't yet tried taking them off. The overcoat has real pockets, and even the inner chest pocket is included. I only noticed it today, but there's also a chain attached to the pants. There's no watch at the end, it's attached to the inside of the pocket, but it's a cool touch.

So, final thoughts: this is a really well done and awesome looking figure. If Hot Toys weren't so expensive, I would be tempted to get them regularly. As it is, I'll stick to the usual stuff for now, but it is definitely cool to have something so fancy in my collection.

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  1. I like that the more expensive the toy, the more traditional a review you do.


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