Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#35: Man of Steel - Movie Masters Superman

The new Superman movie, Man of Steel, is opening this weekend. It's directed by Zack Snyder, so it could be a cool action movie, but it could also be kind of dumb. Trailers can be misleading, but I am looking forward to seeing the movie. I figured I would pick up the movie style Superman even before having seen the movie since I already have various Batman Movie Masters figures that it can fit in with. Granted that if the Justice League movie gets made, the Nolan Batman won't be involved, but for my toy collection, it's close enough. Surprisingly, there are no "man in business suit" figures for Man of Steel. That would make an easy Clark Kent figure!

So Movie Masters Superman fits in with the other Movie Masters figures. It's a more realistic looking figure that is slightly smaller than the comic figures from Mattel. It has all the same articulation, save the ab crunch. So Superman can't hunch over or lean back, which I think would help for flight posing. Also, the head only seems to function as a swivel joint, so he can't look up. Although I'd like for the colors of the suit to be brighter, that's an issue with the design from the movie rather than the toy. So overall it looks good, I think the chest emblem is particularly well done. Of the two figures on the peg, I picked the one with lighter five o' clock shadow on the face. Basically it's a cool figure, so I hope the movie turns out well also. Apparently a sequel has already been greenlit, so that is a good sign.

Man of Steel figures don't have a build a prop piece like last year's Dark Knight Rises figures. I'm not sure what they even could have built, the Daily Planet globe maybe, so the loss isn't a big deal. Aside from the Superman logo stand, there are no accessories.

I'm not sure if the figures are scaled up a bit from previous Movie Masters lines or if Henry Cavill is just that much taller than Christian Bale. It's not enough of a difference to make them look out of scale.

Too bad he can't look up!


  1. Not too bad looking of a figure and that suit is starting to grow on me now the more I see it.

  2. Nice looking SM!Do you have a GL in about the same scale?That would make a nice photo!I recently put the lesser articulated and smaller scale Superman figure next to the 3 3/4 movie line figures of Batman and GL,and they look decent together.The larger scale figures would look sick standing together.


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