Saturday, June 29, 2013

#39: Marvel Universe - Professor X

Here's another birthday gift, this time from friend of the blog James. I think this figure has been out for a while now, and I've been looking for one, but have never seen it in the wild. Fortunately, James found one at a Disney store. So, Disney's buyout of Marvel has had some positive results for me personally so far. This is one of the better Marvel Universe figures in a while, perhaps coincidentally because it is largely a G.I. Joe figure. That's right, it's a repaint of the SDCC exclusive movie Destro figure, with a new head. The G.I. Joe team does good work, so it's a well made body with better articulation than some Marvel Universe figures tend to have. The head is a good sculpt, with Professor X's crazy eyebrows, one of which is raised, and a look of concentration.

Professor X is one of the lucky MU figures to get an accessory: his crazy alien hoverchair from the 90s.  It's pretty big, and is included in the bubble in two pieces which easily plug together. If Hasbro wants to do a re-release later on, it would be a good chance to include a more standard wheelchair.

These guys go to the same tailor.

As you can see, yes, Professor X can stand. His ability to walk has been restored and taken away again a few different times in the comics, so that works.

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