Monday, July 29, 2013

#42: Hot Wheels - Batmobile

Finally! I've been keeping an eye out for the Tim Burton Batman '89 style Batmobile for a while now, and it finally showed up at Target. It was the only one on the pegs, so I'm guessing it's shortpacked. Because Mattel hates you, that's why. There is a recent release called the Ratmobile, which always threw me off when I was looking through the pegs due to its all too similar name. I saw the front end of the Batmobile first and instantly recognized it. The Batmobile is in the Imagination sub-line, which has the green section on the right hand side of the card, and it is numbered 61/250. I've always been a fan of this version of the Batmobile, and I think it still looks cool even today. It's a good addition to my Batmobile collection, and if I can ever find the Bat and the Tumbler, I'll be done until the next cool design gets made.

1 comment:

  1. Nice find bro! My wife found this too for her was the ONLY one among a sea of other HW vehicles. Shortpacked by Mattel....but I'm already seeing many scalper listing it on eVilbay.....*sigh*


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