Monday, July 15, 2013

#41: Mythbusters - Buster

A week or so ago, I someone mention on Twitter that the Discovery Channel store was having a clearance on Buster figures, and there was free shipping. I had no idea that a Buster figure had ever been made, so I went to check it out. At 75% off, this was a deal I could not refuse. In case you don't know who Buster is, go check out the TV show Mythbusters. It's entertaining, educational, and they blow up a lot of stuff. Buster is the dummy they often use in set ups when it's unsafe to use a living person. The toy version is much more brightly colored, and lacks the various burn marks and overall beaten up appearance of the original. Buster is all swivels and hinge joints. The swivels are all pretty loose (particularly on the hips), but he will hold a pose fairly well. Unfortunately, the ankles are only swivels, so it can be a bit hard to get him in a balanced position for standing. He's in an odd scale, oversized for a six or seven inch figure, but pretty much the same height as the buildable DCUC Bane (who is himself oversized). If I'd paid full price, with shipping, I'd probably be disappointed. But for less than five bucks, Buster is pretty cool.


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