Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#46: Masters of the Universe Classics - Megator

Lately reports have been surfacing of Mattycollector exclusives showing up on the cheap at Big Lots. I am glad to report that this is absolutely true. Aside from Megator, there were the SDCC exclusive Skeletor and Mo-Lar sets as well as the 12 inch Egon and Ray Ghostbusters sets. Megator and Mo-Lar sets were 10 bucks apiece, while the Ghostbusters set was 30 bucks. 10 dollars! Megator was originally 40 dollars, plus shipping, which probably came out to over 50 dollars. So this is one hell of a deal. When Megator originally was released, I had no interest in it, because I had no idea who the character is, but when I saw them on the shelf for so cheap, it was impossible to resist. Having read the bio on the back, I'm still not particularly invested in the character (was he even in the cartoon?), but whatever. He's a giant green figure with a ridiculously oversized ball and chain weapon. What's not to like? Well, due to typical Mattel cost saving measures, Megator has a lot of rotocast pieces, which make him feel really lightweight for his size, and lead to reduced articulation from the MOTUC standard. If I'd paid full price for him, I would feel disappointed. But I only paid 10 bucks, so I'm totally satisfied with the value of my purchase.

The other accessory Megator comes packaged with is a zombie head. It has rooted hair, which is cool. But the expression on the face is really goofy looking, so I'll definitely be sticking with the standard head for display.

No more upskirts, Photog! Bad Photog!

Here's a quick size comparison, guest starring the Fearless Photog.

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