Thursday, February 13, 2014

#14: Bioshock Infinite - Motorized Patriot

The Motorized Patriot is basically Bioshock Infinite's equivalent of the Big Daddies from the previous Bioshock games in that they are very large enemies who are difficult to defeat. A big robot version of George Washington with flags hanging off his back and wielding a huge gun makes for a great visual, so I was pretty hyped when NECA announced they would be making an action figure version of it. I pre-ordered it along with the Spider Gremlin, and they both arrived at the same time. Unfortunately, one of the shoulder pauldrons was missing, but was able to send a replacement figure (unpackaged, and sans accessories). Basically, their return/replacement policy is pretty great.

NECA did a great job as usual in making a really good looking figure. There is appropriate detail all over the place, with exposed robot bits, and the paint is all good. The flags on the back are soft goods and pretty massive. The knees and the right elbow are the exposed mechanical joints, where the attached limbs are pretty thin, so it feels a bit worrisome working the joints, but they seem to be sturdy enough. What's not sturdy is the gun. The handles fit into the hands way too tightly, and the main handle broke off when I was trying to put it into the hand. I didn't want to have to bother customer service a second time for another issue with the same figure, so I just super glued the handle back on. The crank handle is designed to pop off, which is good, as it would probably break off otherwise. A cool feature is that the crank on the gun functions and rotates the barrels. The other accessory is an alternate head, showing off what's underneath the mask. Interestingly, the nose and lower jaw have a wooden texture.

This is a figure that definitely falls under the category of an adult collectible, because a kid would probably break it.

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