Thursday, February 27, 2014

#16: The LEGO Movie - Cloud Cuckoo Palace (70803)

Cloud Cuckoo Palace is the most pink and pastel thing in my collection, so it really stands out. The set looks like it is made out of clouds and candy, which is pretty accurate. It's not the most complicated build, but there's enough to keep it fun, with several pieces I've never seen before. There is an action feature that links one of the "candy" pieces with the round green piece by gears, so that rotating one rotates the other. There's no real reason for it, but it's there. The other action feature is the flower launcher. It doesn't really launch the flower very far. It's a nice set, but I mostly got it for the minifigures.

There's a snail and an Executron. But the stars of the set are Wyldstyle, Emmet, and Unikitty. Wyldstyle and Emmet are both available in a cheaper set, and individually in the blindpacked series, but this set features the versions of the characters that I wanted most. This is also the least expensive set with a version of Unikitty, although I would also like the Biznis Kitty version.

Wyldstyle and Emmet both have double sided heads, with two expressions. Wyldstyle has a serious expression, and a slightly less serious expression with one eyebrow raised. Emmet has a smiling face and a worried face. I wanted this version of Emmet because he comes with the Piece of Resistance [SPOILERS from here on out], which in the movie is a Krazy Glue cap, but here is a brick. In the movie, it's clearly glued onto his back where here it's held on be a bib piece. It seems like it would be an easy enough custom to have a more screen accurate Piece of Resistance, so I may do that. The set also includes the tracking device on the back of his leg.

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