Friday, August 15, 2014

#71: Star Wars The Black Series - Bastila Shan

This is an example of Hasbro doing something right. They originally released Bastila Shan as part of the Vintage Collection, and she was a very hard figure to find. I never saw one, and the figure was reliably going for 70 dollars or more on the secondary market. I wanted the figure, but not that much, so I was resigned to never having her to add to the KOTOR subset of my collection. But Hasbro thankfully re-released her in the Black Series, and while she may not be easy to find on the shelves, she's pretty easy to get online. As of this writing, she is available at various webshops for retail price.

It's been a while since I last got a Star Wars figure in this scale, but this is a fairly typical figure. Well articulated, although the hips are only swivels, it's a decent looking figure. She comes with both an activated and deactivated version of her lightsaber. With most lightsabers being blue, green, or red, her yellow blades definitely stand out.

"Query: Did you copy your lightsaber from the meatbag Darth Maul?"

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