Saturday, August 23, 2014

#73: DC Comics Designer Series - Greg Capullo Batman

When I opened this Batman figure, I thought it was misassembled. But I'll get back to that. One of the brightest spots of the poorly thought out New 52 reboot at DC Comics has been Batman, written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo. Mattel did make a New 52 costume Batman, but it was in the usual style of semi-realistic looking. DC Collectibles frequently makes figures that reflect a particular artist's style, and since I have been enjoying Capullo's artwork so much I decided to get the figure that's in his style. It's a great looking figure, and what makes it distinctively Capullo is the head, which is pretty dead on to how he looks in the comics. There's also a very generous amount of articulation, which hasn't always been the case for DC Collectibles (or DC Direct as it used to be called) figures. Compared to the typical Mattel comic figure, Batman has the usual articulation along with double hinged knees, swivel/hinge wrists, and an additional swivel at the tops of his gloves. That's why I thought the arm was misassembled, as the gauntlet was facing the wrong direction, and the elbow wouldn't bend. Fiddling around with it, I realized that there is a swivel at the top of the glove, and the elbow joints are just particularly stiff. Oddly, some of the joints are particularly stiff while some are kind of loose. I was a little worried about him being able to stand, but the cape is just long enough that it touches the ground and provides a little extra support and balance. It's a cool cape, it's not just laying flat, there's a bit of a dramatic billow to it which helps show off the scalloped end. For accessories, Batman includes three batarangs which can all be held in his left hand. There are three separate slots for them, it's pretty cool.

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