Friday, August 29, 2014

#79: DC Comics Multiverse (Superman The Movie) - Superman

As I mentioned in my post about the General Zod figure, I was looking forward to the Christopher Reeve as Superman figure. I watched the original Superman movie countless times when I was younger, so Christopher Reeve is pretty solidly cemented in my mind as the definitive live action Superman. Except for expensive 12 inch figures, Christopher Reeve Superman figures have been sadly lacking, so I'm glad Mattel finally got around to releasing one to retail. I really wish it was in the six inch scale, though. It says "adult collector" right on the packaging, and the vast majority of Mattel DC movie figures have been in six inch scale, so it feels like a missed opportunity, just like all the other movie figures in this smaller scale. But that's Mattel for you. On the plus side, I do think it's a pretty good likeness, and they even sculpted the shield on his chest. It's kind of amazing how generous Mattel is with new tooling on these figures when they were so stingy with it for DCUC figures. In the end, it's Christopher Reeve as Superman, and that's awesome.


  1. Not something I ever expected to say, but I wish they had contoured the crotch a little more. As it is, the color contrast makes it look like he's wearing a loincloth.


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