Sunday, October 19, 2014

#87: Transformers Generations - Jetfire

A few years ago, Hasbro released a Jetfire in the classics lineup, but it was not an easy toy to find. So I missed out. I had hoped that they would eventually re-release it, but that never happened, even after the movie version of the character showed up. Finally the powers that be decided to just go all out and do an all new version (an upcoming remold as Thundercracker has already been announced). In a somewhat controversial move, Jetfire's accessories are all chromed red plastic. Aesthetically, I do think it looks cool if a bit garish, but there is the potential for flaking in the future.

Of course, those chromed pieces are all removable. It's a pretty cool looking jet, as long as you ignore the legs on the underside, which make the lower body of the jet really wide towards the back. The wings fold in or out, F-14 style.

For a Leader class figure, it seems like the transformation scheme is a bit easy. While overall the robot mode is pretty cool looking, the cockpit and nosecone for the jet are merely hanging off the back. This is one of those toys where the chest looks like a cockpit, but isn't. If you choose to have all the chromed pieces off the robot, they can (with the exception of the boosters) combine into a big gun.

Jetfire has a removable mask, so you can decide whether you prefer his helmeted or bare faced look better. He's a bit on the pricy side, and feels kind of lightweight, but is generally pretty cool. If I had the classics version, I'd be content to skip this version. But since I don't, this is a cool addition to the collection, especially as a character I've never had a toy for.


  1. It's a little odd that he has that second cockpit hanging out up front there. I had the original, and it remains one of my favorites. If I could find this guy for a good price, I might just have to pick him up. Hopefully he'll be a little more durable.

    Does this one have a Gerwalk mode by chance? (Half transformed with legs and arms hanging underneath?)

    1. Fake kibble is pretty common with Transformers these days. Usually it is to the benefit of having a better looking bot or alt mode, but it would be even better if they could engineer conversions that didn't require it.

      While I was playing with it for picture taking, I completely neglected to try getting it into any sort of Gerwalk mode. But others have done so already, and I found a picture gallery that includes an image of it:


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