Saturday, November 29, 2014

#100: Transformers Generations - Windblade

A while back Hasbro asked for fan feedback, allowing voting to help create a new character. Windblade was the result, and they put out a toy version of her pretty quickly. So far she's only appeared in the comics (the comic included briefly involves her), even carrying her own series. Windblade's altmode is a VTOL jet. It's mostly black, with some red, and a yellow canopy. The turbines can rotate up and down to whichever angle you'd like. It's pretty cool looking, although if you look at it from the top down, there is a little gap in the middle. The transformation scheme is different from the typical seeker style, so that is a nice touch of difference.

Robot mode is pretty cool, with a lot more red showing. Windblade is armed with a sword that has a translucent blade that fades from purple to clear. There's a scabbard that can plug into her hip. In jet mode, it does stow along the bottom, helping to mostly plug the gap in the middle. According to the instructions, the golden fan in the back of Windblade's hair is removable, but I couldn't get it to come out and didn't want to break something by forcing it. Given how rare female Transformers are, it's cool to get a toy of one.

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