Saturday, November 29, 2014

#101: Nendoroid 413 - Link The Wind Waker Ver.

Not really being into chibi/super-deformed versions of characters, I am not really into the Nendoroid line. But when the character is chibi to begin with, a Nendoroid version looks pretty accurate. The cel-shaded toon Link from Wind Waker is one of those characters that makes a perfect fit. Although it's now regarded as a great entry to the series, when Wind Waker was new the graphic style caused a lot of controversy.

Naturally, Link includes the Wind Waker itself, as well as a pair of alternate arms and hands to help him conduct the wind.

Link's sword and shield are also of course included. There's a swoosh effect piece that fits on the sword to make it look as if Link is swinging it really fast. He also has an alternate bent pair of legs, and has different facial expressions, like the yelling one above.

Link's other main accessory is a heart container piece, which has its own separate stand so that it can hover.

Link's final face is giving someone side-eyes. One of the cool features of the game is that Link's eyes would look towards secrets in an area, providing a subtle clue on how to find things. Link wasn't making quite this expression in the game when he was doing that, but that's what this face reminded me of.

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