Saturday, November 29, 2014

#99: Transformers 4 Age of Extinction - Slog

Slog is the second voyager class Dinobot, after Grimlock. For whatever reason, Amazon has been selling this figure for the price of a deluxe Transformers toy. I'm really glad that I didn't pay MSRP, because this is a pretty disappointing figure. Let's start off with dinosaur mode. According to the packaging, Slog is an apatosaurus, but I would say that it looks more like a brachiosaurus. There are ridiculous movie style spikes on either side of his back, as well as a couple different weapons, two mount on the shoulder, and the other two go on the neck. They're both removable, but the weapons that attach on the neck attach via a couple of non-removable pegs. So if you take those weapons off, there are a couple of Frankenstein's monster style neck bolts.

Slog has a particularly unhelpful instruction sheet, making the transformation even less fun than it would have been otherwise. Robot mode is just weird looking. He's got odd proportions with ridiculously large lower legs. There's this flap that sticks up behind his head which can't be re-positioned anywhere else, and it just looks bad. In both modes, it doesn't feel like Slog is very solidly holding together. If not for my stated goal of getting all the movie Dinobots, I would have skipped him.

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