Saturday, April 11, 2015

#21: Age of Ultron Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Hulk

I already have the Hulk from the first Avengers movie, so I was thinking of passing on this version. Ultimately I decided to keep it. Basically, it is the same figure, but with the new stretchy pants. The head, arms, and lower legs are the same pieces, while the torso and upper legs are new. While the previous Hulk had one fist and one open hand, this Hulk has two fists. He's even more ready for smashing. The new leg parts have a texture on the pants, while the torso is very smooth. The arms have a more textured sculpt, so it is an odd transition. Also, the shoulders on this Hulk are a little narrower. I don't think I'd noticed it from the trailers, but Hulk's pants have an Avengers logo on each pants leg. Now we just have to wait for the Hulkbuster wave of figures to have the two square off.

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