Thursday, April 30, 2015

#27: Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Daredevil

I only bought this figure because the Daredevil Netflix series was so good. I watched the whole series in a two day period. Shortly after finishing it, I went out to do some shopping, and saw the new Daredevil figure on the peg. Given the timing, I wasn't going to look that gift horse in the mouth, so I bought the figure. Good thing too, it's a hard one to find. Daredevil is your basic figure where most of the costume details are painted on. His belt and holster are additional pieces, and his head is obviously a unique sculpt. The shin swivel on his right leg is one of the loosest I've ever seen, but it doesn't seem to prevent him from being able to stand. He includes one accessory in two parts: his billy club. It can stored in the holster on his leg in two parts, and he can hold them separately or as one piece. It's made of a pretty soft plastic and is already somewhat bent from the packaging.

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