Monday, January 25, 2016

#4: LEGO Star Wars - Rey's Speeder (75099)

Of the various sets from The Force Awakens, Rey's Speeder is the cheapest, and it is Rey-centric, so I decided to pick it up. The speeder is pretty cool, and is easily recognizable from onscreen. It has a play feature where the sides can open up, and there is a canister for storing ammo that fits inside. There are a couple of stud launchers on the sides, and they actually work significantly better than the previous style of flick launchers that LEGO sets have been using. Rey's tools plug onto the left side of the speeder, although there is no mesh piece to hold them as in the movie. LEGO sets have nets, right? That would have been a nice improvement to the set. The minifigures included are Rey and one of Unkar's thugs. I'm not sure what his name is, but this is Star Wars, so I'm sure he has one. The thug isn't the most exciting, and is armed with a crowbar. A space crowbar! Rey is armed with her trusty staff, and has can be displayed with her desert headwrap and goggles or with her hair out. The hair piece is definitely new, as her hairstyle is unique. I wish BB-8 had been included instead of the thug, but this is a cool set.

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