Thursday, January 28, 2016

#5: LEGO Ideas Doctor Who - TARDIS (21304)

Now that LEGO has the Doctor Who license, the first (only?) building set released was from the LEGO Ideas program. Naturally, it's the TARDIS. Both the exterior and the control room. The control room is where the bulk of the pieces go for this set, and many of them are small pieces. So it's not a particularly large set, but it's pretty well detailed. It looks pretty cool, particularly the hexagonal control panels.

The other main part of the build is the TARDIS exterior, in its familiar police box shape. Its back side folds apart, and it plugs into the console room, or it can be displayed separately. There are a couple buildable Daleks, and four standard minifigures: the eleventh Doctor, the twelfth Doctor (post-regeneration), Clara, and a weeping angel. There is even a fez for 11.

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