Monday, March 28, 2016

#21: DC Super Hero Girls - Batgirl

DC is finally wrapping its head around the concept that super heroes aren't just for boys, and a big part of their way of handling that is the DC Super Hero Girls brand. There is a web series, and the merchandise includes dolls and action figures. I'm always down for a Batgirl, so I picked up this figure. Although lacking a cape, this design is pretty obviously influenced by the current Batgirl of Burnside look she's sporting in the comics, right down to the stylish yellow boots. The action figures are in a near six inch scale, and decently articulated. Batgirl doesn't have any accessories, although her hood is removable. The packaging notes that she includes "batpack" which is also removable, although with more difficulty than the hood.

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  1. I really like the way they're shelving these in the doll section - I've always wished there was more figure/doll cross-over marketing, so I'm glad to see it with these.

    I picked up Bumblebee the other day (she was actually the only one left on the shelf), and I'm hoping to find a few more once they're restocked locally.


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