Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#22: DC Comics Multiverse - Superman (The Dark Knight Returns)

A couple years ago when DC Universe Classics was in its dying throes, Mattel put out a Batman based on The Dark Knight Returns which was based on the Masters of the Universe Classics body. It seemed like that was a one off, but now there's a Wal-mart exclusive wave that continues that concept. So now we get the companion Superman to that Batman figure, which I'd been hoping for. Being based on the MotUC body, Superman is appropriately chunky. The head is fairly stylized to reflect the artwork from DKR, and it has the most extreme S-curl on Superman's hair that I think I've ever seen on a figure. Superman includes one accessory, the kryptonite arrow that was fired at him, appropriately enough, by Green Arrow.


  1. This one looks great. I need to track him down!

  2. Heh, he's worth it just for the hair - that S-curl is really something unique!


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