Sunday, August 21, 2016

#38: Marvel Legends - Thor

My local Target isn't necessarily the most happening place for moving Marvel Legends figures, so you can usually find some figures from a few waves back (and for some reason 5 Hyperion figures). I'd always thought it would be cool to get this Thor figure, but never committed to actually doing so. Then there was a half off coupon for Marvel Legends figures in their coupon app, and that's all I needed. The most noticeable thing about this figure is how massive it is. There’s a nice heft to it, and it’s tall. There have definitely been build a figures that are smaller than Thor. Since it’s a modern look for Thor, the colors are more muted than a classic version. For accessories, the only one that counts is included. Mjolnir looks like it could use a good cleaning. All told, it’s a good figure, and I’m glad I got it, despite how long that took.

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