Sunday, August 28, 2016

#39: DC Multiverse - Arrow

Sadly, Mattel's take on the Arrow TV series version of the Green Arrow is not from the most recent season, where Ollie has a cooler costume and is actually going as Green Arrow rather than the Arrow or the Hood, or whatever. Fortunately, it is at least from the time after Barry gave him a mask, so he's not the greasepaint look. It's a pretty standard Mattel figure, so it's okay all around. Something about the likeness is off, and instead of Stephen Amell, I can't help but see Alfie Allen as Theon from Game of Thrones. For accessories, naturally a bow and arrow are included. The bow itself doesn't have a string of any kind to it, but the arrow (green, of course)  plugs into Ollie's knuckles as if he's about to draw it back in preparation of shooting it. That's a neat touch. The hood is only attached to his head, so it doesn't hinder the neck articulation.

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