Sunday, August 7, 2016

#37: Ghostbusters - Stay Puft Balloon Ghost

When I saw the Mr Stay Puft figure in the new toy line, I wasn't sure if it's because the big guy was appearing in the new movie, or if it was just a throwback for the toys. Turns out, it is in the movie, but in balloon form. Hence the balloon ghost name. It's a pretty nice looking representation of everybody's favorite marshmallow mascot. It's from the cheaper segment of the Ghostbusters toy line, so it has reduced articulation, as well as a light up feature. The head swivels, the shoulders and hips have swivel hinges, and the wrists are either swivels or very restricted ball joints. The light up feature is activated by pushing the knot in his scarf, which cause his torso and head to light up with a red light. Not the most exciting action feature, but it's not obtrusive either, so I'm okay with it. If nothing else, I'm glad I finally got a Mr Stay Puft action figure.

1 comment:

  1. Oh! They made a new one! We will have to get it since we can't find the original...


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