Friday, October 7, 2016

#58: Marvel Legends - Deadpool

Behold, Rob Liefeld's greatest creation. The first couple times Deadpool was a Marvel Legends figure, it was before I was collecting the line. Then the next time, he was a grey X-Force version that was supposed to get a traditional red re-paint that never materialized. But now a few months after his movie, Deadpool is a new Marvel Legends figure once again. I only have him because I pre-ordered a case for this whole wave, and don't expect he'll be easy to find at retail. Deadpool is a nice looking figure with a large assortment of accessories. He's got two swords, two pistols, a knife, a shotgun, a big sci-fi rifle, a bazooka (with removable boxing glove), an alternate head, and a taco.

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