Saturday, October 29, 2016

#64: DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn

So we finally have a live action version of Harley Quinn for the big screen (Birds of Prey got there first on TV!), and she is one of the most merchandised characters from DC there are of course action figures. Suicide Squad gets its own series from the DC Comics Multiverse line, although a couple of the characters are store exclusives. There are also Harley figures with her jacket, and in her party dress, but this is the basic one that's not an exclusive. It's an okay likeness for Margot Robbie, but she definitely does have appropriately crazy eyes. Unlike her DCUC predecessors Black Canary and Zatanna, Harley's stockings are sculpted rather than actual tiny fishnets. For a figure with high heels, she stands up remarkably well. Harley's sole accessory is her "good night" baseball bat.

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