Sunday, October 30, 2016

#65: DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad - Deadshot

Adapting comic costumes to live action can be hit or miss sometimes. Fortunately, Deadshot was one of the better results. It's a fairly loose adaptation, but on the whole, it still feels close enough to me, while also looking good as a real life costume. Will Smith is a big enough name that it wasn't surprising that he spent a large amount of time with the mask off. So the figure has two interchangeable heads, so if you prefer your comic characters to keep their masks on like I do, it's got you covered. The unmasked head is fully painted, so the skin looks really shiny, which is somewhat off putting. Deadshot includes one pistol which can be holstered on his right leg. There are a few more non-removable weapons sculpted into his costume.

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