Thursday, January 26, 2017

#10 Voltron Legendary Defender - Legendary Black Lion

Stranger Things may have been the big hit of the Summer from Netflix, but the first season of the new Voltron cartoon was also released around the same time. I've only recently got around to watching it, and I am enjoying it so far. I have long ago learned the lesson that cartoons I enjoyed as a child have not aged well, so I am not particularly interested in re-watching the original series. But the new one modernizes things well enough, while retaining the things I remember enjoying. And just in time for the second season, there are now toys. I passed on the semi-recent Mattycollector exclusive Voltron for cost reasons, and y'know... Because Mattycollector. But now the Voltron toys are being made by Playmates and available at retail, so I am definitely down for a Voltron toy that is formed from the five individual lions. So far, Target has only been stocking the Black Lion, so that is the one I am starting with. Apparently this version of Voltron is 16 inches tall, so the black lion is pretty sizable. The newer Voltron design is less blocky, so the individual lions are as well. There are electronics, there is a button that plays different sounds and makes the chest light up. Adding each additional lion unlocks more phrases and sound effects, with apparently more than 50. I haven't heard "And I'll form the head" but I hope that's in there. There is a tiny speeder with Shiro in it that fits inside a space inside the lion's chest. It's really small and not very detailed, so I didn't include it in the picture. But at least we are getting toys of the pilots in some form.

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