Wednesday, January 18, 2017

#3: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs Thanos (76072)

This is my first foray into the LEGO Micro Minis sub-line. This one features Thanos riding around in a car that looks like the Inifinity Gauntlet, so of course I had to buy it. Thanos himself has an Infinity Gauntlet that can go on his hand. It's exactly the kind of ridiculous that I love. The mini in the name seems to correspond to the minifigures as well as their vehicles. Instead of the standard legs, they have the shorter unarticulated legs usually used for child or short characters. I'm assuming that's to help keep costs down, because two figures and two vehicles for ten bucks is remarkably cheap for a LEGO set. Also included is Iron Man (with a hair piece if you want an unmasked Tony Stark) in a more classic style of armor than usually seen these days.. His car looks like a more traditional go kart with repulsor jets added to the back. He also gets a wrench.


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