Sunday, January 15, 2017

#2: The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures - Nurse Harley Quinn

Although I didn't find all the minifigures I wanted on my first try, a more recent visit to Target yielded at least some new minifigures to search through. Although I still haven't found Catman and Pink Fairy Batman, I was at least able to find the Nurse Harley Quinn minifigure. Presumably this is meant as an homage to Nurse Harley from the fantastic Arkham Asylum video game. Her accessory is a clipboard from Arkham with a file for the Joker on it. She's written "H + J" in the middle of a heart on it. Since it is a 2x2 flat plate, it is one of the easy ways to narrow down the search for Harley through the packaging, as only a few characters in this series have one. The other main way to identify her is by her big pig-tailed hair piece.

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