Saturday, February 25, 2017

#18: Voltron Legendary Defender - Legendary Green Lion

It took forever to get the rest of the legendary sized lions in stock, but they finally showed up at Target. My local Target does sometimes have trouble getting new things in stock in a timely manner, but it does seem to be a widespread problem with this line, so it is probably fault of Playmates in this case. I did buy two of the lions when I first saw them, but by the next time I was there, the other two had been sold and stock hasn't been replenished. Anyway, green generally being my favorite color, I decided to go with the green lion as one of my first choices. Piloted by Pidge, the green lion's specialty is stealth. It has a shield on its back that ends up on Voltron's shoulder, but is not what Voltron actually uses as a shield. That's formed by the black lion's red "wings." Forming Voltron's arm, this version has the advantage over the original toys of being able to tuck its legs into its body, so they're not just hanging there like in the old version. There is also a missile launcher that can be mounted on its back, and the green lion includes part of Voltron's sword. There's also the tiny speeder with pilot that all the lions include, which can be stored in the lion's chest. What's really amusing is that if you plug only one of the lions into the black lion, it will only play voice clips of Shiro asking where the other pilots are.

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