Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#20: The LEGO Batman Movie - The Scuttler (70908)

As cool as the Batmobile is, it is ultimately limiting as a purely wheel based ground based vehicle. Traffic can be killer. The Tumbler addressed this by being able to leap around on rooftops, but the Scuttler does it one better. Basically looking like a giant mechanical bat walking around, the Scuttler can handle a wider variety of terrain with its leg based locomotion. Not only that, it can convert to flight mode for when land based travel just won't cut it. While this set doesn't have an alternate build for that configuration (although I'm sure someone has already worked one out), that's the way it worked in the movie. I thought the Scuttler was really cool in the movie, enough so that I was convinced to buy the most expensive LEGO set I've ever bought for myself. You know how sometimes aspects of different adaptations work their way back into the comics (most famously Harley Quinn from the Animated Series)? I hope the Scuttler or something like it makes its way back into the comics. The toy itself is quite cool looking. The legs and head are posable, there's a net launcher, a couple stud launchers, and the front legs are also extendable. The set comes packaged in seven bags and took a fair amount of time to assemble.

Part of the fun of a big LEGO set is all the minifigures, and here are the non-costumed types. There's a Barbara Gordon in a tactical police outfit. The vest is really thick at the top, making her head sit oddly high. It's one of those things you can't un-see once you've seen it. Next up is the James Gordon, wearing his formal dress uniform. Rounding this half of the minifigures out is Dick Grayson in his 70s prom formalwear. The hair and glasses are one piece, and he has beady eyes printed on his head.

There's the obligatory Batman, who has a jetpack. Poison Ivy also has some sort of plant monster she can ride around on. The Joker has a "bang" flag gun and ridiculously long coattails. That's definitely my favorite part of his design.

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