Sunday, April 2, 2017

#26: WWE - Sgt. Slaughter

I got the Macho Man figure a while ago, and was impressed by it. Since I never got a Sgt. Slaughter figure in the GI Joe line (old school or more recent revival), I figured my best bet would be a wrestling figure. So when I saw this figure for a surprisingly cheap 10 or so dollar price, I bought it. As far as I can tell, these basic figures are cheaper because they have decreased hip articulation and are re-releases of older figures. The hips have only swivels, so they can move forward and backward, but with no lateral movement. The date sculpted onto the bottom of his boots is 2011. Fair enough, I guess the lower price is a reasonable trade off for a six inch figure these days. Aside from the hips, the articulation is otherwise good enough. His hat and sunglasses are both removable. I don't know if he ever wore this particular outfit in the ring, but it's basically what he wore in the G.I. Joe cartoon, so I'm thinking of this as the only six inch G.I. Joe figure.


  1. Damn,I may pick this up as a stand alone Joe figure.Now all we need Is a William Perry figure.He also did a little wrestling If I recall.


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