Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#29: Voltron Legendary Defender - Voltron

Finally, with all five of the lions in my collection, I can form Voltron. At about a foot and a half tall, this is a pretty sizable Voltron, definitely bigger than the original from when I was a kid. I like that all four of the lions that form the limbs get different sculpts from each other. Although that's accurate to their design, it would have been easy to cheap out and just do one sculpt for the legs and one for the arms. All the limbs are the same price, so they are all similarly sized, with the legs being larger. This does have a drawback of the arms looking a little too long. Also, the elbows are fairly restricted and don't bend as much as I'd like. While there are some definite drawbacks to this version of Voltron, they are outweighed by having such a large Voltron that is assembled from the five different lions. It's still very cool looking. There is a smaller, Voltron that can't be disassembled which is cheaper and more proportional, and looks to have better articulation. That might be a better option, depending on what you're looking for. For me, having a Voltron that is formed from the lions is pretty important, so I'm glad to have this version.

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