Monday, February 22, 2010

#9: G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra - Cobra Eel

So I was in Target and noticed that the G.I. Joe movie stuff is going on clearance. Well, some of it anyway. The Pit is currently half off, and there were a couple RHINOs I hadn't seen on the shelves before also for half off (they're gone now). I can't resist a good deal, and 4 bucks for a figure is definitely a good deal, so I figured, I have Deep Six, why not get him a Cobra nemesis? So now I have the Cobra Eel.

As you probably know by now, these Joe movie figures are all pretty well made and the Eel is no exception. He's well accessorized with a big harpoon gun, and a pistol and knife that have holsters on his legs. And the fins are removable. There's also a removable airtank on his back that plugs into the back of his head. The giant missile launcher he comes with has handles and little fold out wings. It kind of looks like a torpedo, but with the handles, I figure it's some means of propulsion. Like those guys were using in Thunderball. I think of all the Joe figures I have, this one has the least amount of paint on it. As you can see, he's almost entirely black. Aside from the obvious red shoulders, there is some grey at the top of the vest, and the rings are painted as well. Good for hiding in the depths, I suppose.

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