Friday, August 19, 2011

#88: Transformers Dark of the Moon - Powerglide

So as I mentioned yesterday, I took advantage of the sale at Target to pick up Powerglide, which I've been thinking of getting for a while now. I don't think this is a toy I had back in the 80s, but I dig that it turns into a sort of A-10, similarly to the COBRA Rattler. Hey, with that Sky Striker/Starscream repaint from Comic Con, how about a Powerglide repaint in COBRA colors? That would be a pretty cool custom. Anyway, the altmode is pretty cool, and loaded with missiles. Unfortunately, it's a bit back heavy, so when it's resting on the ground, it tends to tip backwards.

Bot mode is decent enough. All those missiles combine into a kind of goofy looking gun, although they can also be used as two separate guns. Powerglide may be a little guy, but he's got enough weapons to take care of himself at least. The wings hang off his arms, so they kind of get in the way. I basically got this guy for half price, so I'm pretty happy with the purchase.


  1. I been looking at this one as of late and seeing i have not picked up anything new in Transformers as of late i might consider get him sometime even if am not a fan of the "Dark of the Moon" stuff currently on the toy shelves.

  2. These toys will be great for my son. He loved Transformers: Dark of the Moon in theaters and we’ll be ordering it tonight in HD through my employee subscription to DISH. I love watching movies with action like this on my HDTV. It really makes every detail pop.


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