Sunday, November 6, 2011

#130: Hot Wheels - A Team Van

I didn't even know a Hot Wheels A-Team van was available until James posted on his blog about finding it a couple weeks ago. Naturally, when I saw it, I started looking for it. After many fruitless trips to the Hot Wheels section, I finally found one. So far, it's the only one I've seen (which, to be fair, I stopped visiting the Hot Wheels section after I found it), so it's probably best to buy one as soon as you see it if you're at all considering it. It's a very nice, well detailed miniature version of the A-Team van. I think if they had put this out at the same time as the movie, I could have skipped the 1:18 scale version and saved myself 25 bucks (should have waited for clearance!). Mattel probably didn't have the rights at the time, though.


  1. Ahh u found one! It's equally hard to find one over here in Malayisa! Damn u scal-pors!!!

  2. Good score! I haven't had any luck finding these rarer HW, I don't even have the Back to the Future Delorean yet!

  3. @The Rebel: Good luck finding one!

    @Jcee: Dang, I haven't seen the DeLorean in a while, or I would pick one up for you.


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