Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#134: LEGO Ninjago - Ninja Training Outpost

As an 80s child, it's pretty much natural for me to think that ninjas are cool. Since I missed out on the first series of LEGO minifigures, I figured the Ninjago line would be a good way to get a ninja minifigure. Since I think of a ninja wearing a black outfit, it was fortunate that the black ninja minifigure was included in the smallest set, since I didn't want to buy a big set for just one minifigure. Even so, it always seemed a bit too pricy for my tastes, but the set was recently on sale, prompting me to buy it.

The ninja is pretty much what I would expect from a LEGO minifigure. One cool feature is that there is a c-clamp on the headpiece, so you can attach weapons back there. The set itself aside from the ninja is an archery target and some sort of weapon rack. The base is in the shape of a quarter circle, and it appears to be designed to interlock with other small sets. The rack itself looks like it might be a stylized animal face of some sort. A fox, maybe? I don't know anything about the Ninjago lore other than it's about ninjas vs skeletons. Also, there's a scorpion. Looking at the prices on Ebay, buying the series 1 minifigure would have cost more than this set, so this was a good deal. Now I need a pirate for him to fight!


  1. Where can i get one of these at? I need a black ninja for my white ninja to fight with. : )

  2. I got mine at Target, on the LEGO aisle with all the other Ninjago sets. If you get the black and white ones, they could be LEGO versions of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow!

  3. Why do you have a iPhone reader app thingy on your photo! WHY!

  4. I could mark my images with the blog's address in plaintext, but that is SO 20th century.


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