Friday, April 27, 2012

#28: Star Wars Vintage Collection - Barriss Offee

I've been wanting a Barriss Offee figure for years now, mainly due to her appearance in the original Clone Wars cartoon. Unfortunately, the only figure Hasbro made was from Attack of the Clones, and it was from that weird period where many figures were in pre-posed positions, and so were only good in that one position. Then they finally released a new Barriss figure last year. Two, in fact. A realistic Vintage figure and an animated figure. I wanted the realistic one, but I never saw either of them in stores. I kept an eye on Ebay in hopes of finding one for a reasonable price, and with the recent news that she would be appearing again in an upcoming wave, prices for her started getting down to a reasonable level. Given my luck finding new Star Wars figures that I want lately, I went ahead and got her from Ebay.

It's a very nice looking figure, and I'm glad they finally got around to re-making her. With the plastic cape being so long, it helps with her stability, which can be an issue when soft skirts and high heels are involved on a figure. I think at this point, I've got all the Jedi figures I want, except Bastila Shan (who is still in the outrageous price range). Okay, I would buy the librarian Jedi figure if they made one. I'm sure there are some Jedi that haven't been made into figures yet, and I by no means have all the different Jedi that have been made, but I'm good with what I've got now. I've mostly got all the Star Wars figures I want, really.

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