Monday, April 30, 2012

#29: Transformers Prime - Arcee

Now that I've actually watched Transformers Prime, I will actually know about the characters I'm buying toys of. I bought Soundwave previously mainly because it was Soundwave. Arcee is a figure I wanted to get because I liked her character on the show. Fortunately, my Target has made it past the choking point of the heavily packed Bumblebees from the first wave, so we are able to get some newer figures on the pegs.

Arcee's alt-mode is a cool motorcycle, which has the advantage of being sized approximately in the same scale as 3 3/4 or 4 inch figures. It's a bit too wide to be a great fit, but with some futzing around, you can make it work. Aside from being a little wide, it's a cool looking bike. The weapons can plug into the front wheel, although they look kind of goofy.

The bot mode mostly does a pretty good job or replicating Arcee's onscreen appearance. The main problem is that she's a little back heavy due to her front tire just sort of hanging off her back. Interestingly, her rear wheel splits in two and each half ends up in one of her legs. If you want to make her taller, you can position the wheels as sort of skates and she'll balance. For some reason the pink parts of her paint job on the show have been rendered in silver for the toy. I get that this is meant as a "boys" toy, but why change the pink? Soundwave's toy has pink accents, why can't Arcee? Otherwise, she's a pretty cool robot. Her gun and blade can plug into each other in a way that actually turns out looking cool as far as these things go.

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