Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#70: Iron Man 2 - Weapon Assault Drone

This weekend, I made my second visit to the Time Tunnel toy show in San Jose, and this was all I bought. I saw the Walmart exclusive six inch movie Hulk, and the second wave of Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters, but they were all marked up way more than I am willing to pay for them. The Weapon Assault Drone from Iron Man 2, which I never saw in stores, was priced cheaper than its original retail price, so I consider it a good buy. In the movie, there were drones created for each branch of the military, and I believe this was meant to represent the Marines (I think the ground assault drone that comes in a battle pack with Nick Fury is the Army drone, but I could have the two mixed up). So, now I have drones for three of the four branches of the military. It's a shame that all of them were so poorly distributed, the whole line did a poor job of presenting antagonists from the movie. The articulation on the figure isn't the greatest, and its bulkiness works against it in that area. There are at least a couple of cool play features here, which would come in handy for army building if one were able to find multiples of the figure. The forearms have "shields" that fold out. They kind of look useless, but it's something. There are two interchangeable heads, one with a glow to represent the activated drone, and one without the glow (oddly, my other drone figures both have deactivated heads). Then there are two sets of weapons to go with, pictured above are the whiplike saw blades reminiscent of Whiplash's powered suit. Pictured below are the retracted saw blades for closer combat.

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