Monday, August 27, 2012

#72: Alice: Madness Returns - Hysteria Alice

Remember a year ago, when I got the Alice Minimate based on the Alice: Madness Returns game? Well, now the first (only?) wave of figures based on the game is finally available. I had this figure pre-ordered way back in January, but when it showed up on I ordered it there because the site I pre-ordered at still didn't have it in stock. This isn't regular Alice, but Hysteria Alice. In the game, Alice can use hysteria, which basically makes her temporarily invincible, while causing everything in the game to go into black and white. Except for the blood, of course. I think Alice is covered in more blood than my Leatherface figure! This figure corrects the Minimate's omission of the Vorpal Blade, Alice's signature weapon. Also included are the hobby horse for blunt object trauma action and the pepper grinder for ranged combat. Articulation is decent, but the legs are somewhat hindered by the dress. It's also kind of hard for Alice to stand for extended periods of time without the stand, so it's good that it is included. The stand has four pegs, with one set being larger than the other. I'm guessing that the same stand is included with the larger Card Guard figure as well.


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