Thursday, August 23, 2012

#71: Transformers Generations - Shockwave (Fall Of Cybertron)

I'm always on board for a new version of Shockwave, pretty much as long as he's purple and has one eye. So of course I got this new version, based on the just released Fall of Cybertron video game (I might have to get it, since you can play as Grimlock). With his distinctive chest shape and skinny legs, it's the most G1-reminiscent Shockwave in my collection. It's a very cool robot design. The articulation works pretty well, too. He's also a deluxe class figure, and on the shorter side, so he's not as imposing as I'd like. A voyager class toy would have been cool. The card also has a panel displaying the stats that is pretty reminiscent of the G1 stats panels, minus the need for a clear red plastic sheet to read them.

The altmode is a Cybertronian mobile artillery. It is what it is. Shockwave is definitely staying in robot mode.

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