Saturday, August 4, 2012

#68: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Michelangelo

So after getting all four of the classics style Turtles last month, I'm now setting my sights on the most modern version of them, based on the upcoming cartoon. They may be smaller than the classics figures, but they are very cool too (and cheaper!). Michelangelo has historically been my favorite, so he's the figure I decided to pick up first. It is interesting that, in contrast with the classics figures, that the figures have white eyes while they have visible pupils in the cartoon and even on the packaging. I suppose it does make them look more fierce. While the articulation isn't quite as extensive on these smaller figures, it is still very good, although some ankles would have been nice. Even swivels at the top of the wraps would help with posing. Fortunately, the feet are large enough that they are easy to balance on and provide stability. Which brings us to the issue that the Turtles now have three toes. I actually think this is a change that makes sense. They have three digits on their hands, so having the same amount on their feet works for me. I think nature tends to favor symmetry like that, although anything like that kind of goes out the window when you're dealing with mutants. Also, the lower part of the shell is made from a softer plastic, so it doesn't hinder the leg movement too much.

Another throwback to the original toys is that the weapons are all unpainted plastic of a single color. There is even a rack with some extra weapons included. Mikey's nunchucks do stow away on the back of his belt, as well. These toon based Turtles seem really cool so far, and I think I'm going to end up getting all four of them. Then I'll have three complete sets of Ninja Turtles!

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