Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#90: Iron Man 2 - Ground Assault Drone

After picking up the Weapon Assault Drone a couple months ago, that left me with only one type of drone missing from my collection, the Ground Assault Drone. That figure was, as far as I know, only released as part of a four pack that inlcluded two drones, an Iron Man, and Nick Fury. I'd been thinking about picking one up, but I've never seen one on sale quite low enough that I was willing to bite. Then I got the Avengers Nick Fury figure, and the four pack looked even less attractive. Fortunately, the GAD is going pretty cheaply online loose, and I was able to get one for less than a single packed figure goes for at retail. Since each drone was meant to fill in for one of the branches of the military, I think the Weapon Assault Drone was supposed to represent the Marines, and this one is supposed to represent the Army. I don't really have anything concrete to back that up, but it seems right to me. This is one of the most heavily armed drones, on the right arm there is a grenade launcher, on the left a machine gun, and over the shoulder is a giant cannon. It's basically a walking tank. The feet have fold down panels to provide stability when firing the main cannon, as seen in the movie.

Anti-slip soles

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