Friday, October 12, 2012

#91: LEGO Minifigures series 8 - Conquistador

A while back, series 8 of LEGO's blindpacked minifugures started showing up for people, which meant they would eventually show up here too after a while. This week, they finally did! The last few series of these have been pretty easy to find, and this one was even put in two different aisles at my Target. One was next to the LEGO aisle, with the Nerf guns and other building block toys like K'nex, while the other was in the secondary action figure aisle with the Ninja Turtles and Bandai stuff. Once again, it was time to spend half an hour standing around feeling the packages for identifying pieces. I'm always worried that a Target employee will hassle me for doing it, but so far they've only been curious.

The conquistador was a must buy for me. As I think I've mentioned before, I have been interested in getting a LEGO minifigure to represent the various national stereotypes to represent my ancestral background. So a Spanish guy is part of that, and besides that conquistadores look cool. The conquistador was the last figure I found, and is easily identifiable by the sword, which has a big hand guard on one end, with a small ball for the tip. He has the same feather as the pirate, but is distinguishable by the sword and the chest armor piece.

Here's the bump code for the conquistador, with the bumps marked by white spots. My previous method of using a marker no longer works since the packages for this series are black.

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