Thursday, February 28, 2013

#10: Transformers Generations - Fall of Cybertron Grimlock

One of the early selling points for Fall of Cyberton is that the game allowed the player to control Grimlock. The Grimlock sections of the game are pretty fun, partly because in dinosaur mode, Grimlock is nearly invincible and can breathe fire as well as stomping or biting enemies. Grimlock is a pretty popular character (he turns into a robot tyrannosaur, so of course he is!), so it's a pretty easy bet that he'll get a new toy whenever he shows up in fiction. It would be cool if they made the rest of the Dinobots as well, but there don't seem to be any plans for them.

So, about the dinosaur mode. It's kind of problematic. First off, the tail is way too wide. In the game, it's a longer, thinner segmented tail. Due to reality, that didn't work for the toy, and what we got isn't the most elegant tail that Grimlock has had. You can't really tell in the first photo, but the above photo shows that Grimlock's underside is mostly hollow. The transformations process is pretty similar to most previous Grimlock toys, although tucking the legs into the body for dinosaur mode is kind of glossed over in the instructions. One interesting aspect of his transformation is that the head folds into the back instead of just hanging there. That big open space on the dinosaur's underside is the back of the robot mode, so I guess it serves the purpose of giving the dinosaur head somewhere to go.

Fortunately, robot mode is pretty cool. In the game, he uses a sword and shield, which are included here. The sword is a bit undersized, but they're both made from translucent red plastic and look cool. They can plug into the legs in dinosaur mode, but that just looks goofy. There's also a light up feature for Grimlock. In bot mode, it lights up his chest. In dinosaur mode, it lights up his eyes and mouth. He'll definitely be staying in bot mode.

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