Monday, February 25, 2013

#8: Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters Optimus Prime

The third season of Transformers Prime is coming up, and already some of the toys are available. I never picked up the Classics Optimus, and ever since I've been itching for a voyager sized (non-movie) version of him. I thought about getting the first Prime version, but it really bugged me that the part of his torso below the windshields was grey instead of red. But this version has wings! And a big sword with a translucent green blade! I also think this is the first Optimus with green windows. I'm not sure why they're green, aside from matching the sword, but it's an interesting look and I dig it. The two rocket boosters can also be used as handheld rocket launchers. The instructions show them both being held by the same hand (on either side of the fist), but if Optimus has one in each hand, the sword can stow on his back.

On a bit of a tangent, the prices of Transformers toys is kind of weird. The deluxe figures have been getting more expensive and getting smaller. Meanwhile, voyager figures have been able to remain fairly consistent in price. In fact, the price difference between deluxes and voyagers at my local Target is only $3.50. That's crazy! If voyagers had increased in price at the same rate as deluxes, they would cost around $35 now. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it really does make voyager figures seem like a much better value when they're so much larger for only a small difference in price.

This version of Optimus has, for me, an interesting transformation scheme. Instead of the arms folding up into the cab like every other version of Optimus I've had, they just kind of fold back along with the legs to form the back end of the vehicle mode. So the vehicle mode is a truck sort of thing, rather than the typical trailer truck. I do like the way the wings stick up a bit in the back, it's kind of like having tail fins from 50s cars.

Comparison with Classics Optimus, courtesy of my roommate's collection.

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