Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#9: Hot Wheels - Mars Rover Curiosity

Once again, the grocery store comes through as a spot to find rare Hot Wheels toys. I'd been keeping an eye out for the Curiosity toy, but having no luck finding one. The other day, I happened to walk by a Hot Wheels display at the grocery store and Curiosity was sitting right in the front of one of the display sections. I looked, and it was the only one in the entire display. Curiosity has some interesting construction in that the bottom part is made of clear plastic. Since the real Curiosity has the thin spindly legs, this is a good way of representing them without making the toy too fragile. There is some detail painted on the sides, but the top is completely white, which looks kind of plain. The NASA logo is on the front of the rover. The camera arm can be rotated. Aside from the wheels, I don't think many Hot Wheels cars have moving parts, so that makes things a little more interesting.


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