Saturday, February 23, 2013

#7: G.I. Joe Retaliation - Battle-kata Roadblock

Finally, G.I. Joe toys are back in toy aisles! The Rock as Roadblock has been one of my most wanted movie figures for a while. Unfortunately, the first version didn't have a great likeness and was hampered by a sculpted on piece of plastic on his hand so that he could plug into the giant gun he came with. Now with the Retaliation figures relaunch, later waves are in stores, along with an improved Roadblock. The likeness on this version is way better. Because everyone gets to be a ninja now, apparently, Roadblock has an Arashikage clan tattoo on his arm.

Apparently, battle-kata is a system of weapons with swappable parts which plug into handles. The handles can be plugged into pistols, small knives, larger knives, and a baton. Each piece has a spot to be stowed on Roadblock's vest. Having swappable handles to one's weapons seems like an odd idea. I don't know if I'd want to use a knife if the handle was easily removable, that seems like it could be asking for trouble. Hopefully it will seem cooler in the movie. There's also the big machine gun with detachable stand.

I'm not a wrestling fan, so I can't say why exactly I find it so appealing to have an action figure based on The Rock. Part of the fun of movie based figures is having figures with the likeness of real people, of course, so I suppose that is it. It certainly helps when the likeness is so good.


  1. I got suckered into buying the first one, looks like I will get this one too. Waaaay better.

  2. The version I got the first time around was from one of the 3-packs and was much better than the standard release because of it's design/paint. I plan on grabbing this one up at some point after I find the new Snake Eyes and Alley Viper.


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